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Ecosystem Consulting Service, Inc. established the Research Division to diagnose causes of lake and reservoir water quality degradation, eutrophication impacts, and habitat loss, as well as to prescribe effective treatments and management approaches. We conduct a variety of studies ranging from "Second Opinion Reviews" to complete multi-year Diagnostic-Feasibility Studies. Most often we recommend a "Limnological Baseline Study" consisting of a review of available information, several samplings at critical times, and preparation of a "Review Report" which identifies the basic nature of the ecosystem, healthy attributes, causes of water quality problems, and those approaches which offer the most cost-effective management potential. Then informed decisions can be made regarding further work.

Water Supply Limnology

Our work in Water Supply Limnology focuses on the unique characteristics and management goals of surface water supply sources. We evaluate surface water source reservoirs relative to intake locations (longitudinal and vertical), reservoir characteristics, and how raw water quality effects a particular water treatment process. Reservoir Management focus is on Raw Water Quality in anticipation of Water Treatment.

Lakes and Reservoirs

Our Lake Restoration Limnology work focuses on restoring and preserving water quality, habitat availability, and ecological integrity. Our specialty is restoration of eutrophic lakes that exhibit blooms of Cyanobacteria, and restoration of cool water habitat for cold water fish (Salmonids) and zooplankton refuge (Daphnia sp.).

Watershed Management

Lakes and Reservoirs are "Mirrors of the Landscape": their quality reflects the quality of water flowing in from the watershed drainage basin. Many management approaches are available to reduce the impacts of watershed loading from runoff and groundwater. We help a client to develop a watershed management approach that is suitable to their particular setting.  To help design an effective program for each client, we created a Spreadsheet-based Nutrient Allocation Approach to Long-Term Watershed Management (many years before the EPA-TMDL Program was established).  

Cooperative Work

We have provided Professional Limnology Consulting Services as a sub-contractor to many international, national, and regional environmental engineering companies that do not have a professional limnologist on staff. We have also participated in applied research projects with Universities, US Environmental Agencies, the Canada Ministry of the Environment, Water Utilities, and Lake Associations. We welcome the opportunity to provide the applied limnology expertise needed to achieve a successful water resource improvement project.

We often establish a cooperative "Client-Based Monitoring Progam" to collect additional data and information as cost-effectively as possible.


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