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Cooperative Work

Cooperative Work

We welcome the opportunity to participate on Project Teams to diagnose water resource problems and prescribe effective treatments. We have participated on AWWA Expert Panels and as Subcontractor to Environmental Engineering Companies to provide limnological expertise. We have served on a variety of research teams with Universities and Government Environmental Agencies.

Client Based Monitoring Programs

Hiring professional consultants to perform all field collections of water samples, and other resource testing and observation is not economical. However, expertise is needed to identify what needs to be done, how to do it, and for evaluation and interpretation of results. There is no substitute for having experienced "expert eyes" performing field tests at key times. Yet costs to have all necessary monitoring performed by a professional consultant can be prohibitive. ECS, Inc. has overcome that dilemma by establishing "Client-Based Monitoring Programs". We provide training, sampling design, equipment, overnight shipping arrangements (to an analytical lab), data management, on-going fax-back advice, interpretation, and reporting. In short, consulting fees go toward "needed expertise"; costs for collecting water samples, travel time, etc. are controlled! This program has worked extremely well for over 15 years, for Water Supply Utilities, Lake Associations, and individuals. There is another benefit, perhaps even more important than cost savings! The Client becomes actively involved in the study. When results are presented, the Client understands much more about the ecosystem and what the recommendations mean. Prudent decision-making is facilitated!


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