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Watershed Management

Limnological Baseline Studies

In some cases little is known about the physical, chemical, and biological nature of a water resource because available field data is limited. A problem, such as taste and odor, shortened filter runs, algae blooms, weed infestation, or fish kills is recognized, but data is not available to identify potential or likely causes. A focused baseline study can be very useful in such cases, to define the nature of the system, potential causes of problems, and develop a scope for more detailed study to identify restoration methods. Rather than investing in a comprehensive DFS, performing a baseline analysis can avoid doing unnecessary and costly study aspects.

Watershed Management Planning

We believe an effective Watershed Management Plan must be equitable to all within the watershed (avoid the "taking issue"), must be developed with involvement by all stakeholders (broadly accepted), and must have a sound basis in Science. For these reasons we developed a Quantitative Watershed Management Approach based on Nutrient Allocation that is established by a Local Watershed Task Force with broad representation.

Client-Based Monitoring Programs

For Diagnostic Studies and Long-Term Monitoring Programs we often arrange cooperative Client-Based Monitoring Programs which actively involve Water Utility Staff and Lake Association Members in data collection as cost-effectively as possible. With some training and equipment set-up, Water Utility Staff, Lake Residents, Engineering Company Personnel, etc. can gather samples and observations about a water resource. That saves the cost of our Professional Limnology Staff doing tasks that can be done more cost-effectively locally. Our professional services time is spent on the technical limnology aspects- diagnosis, feasibility assessments, implementation design and cost-estimation. Most importantly, involvement of Clients in the project leads to an improved understanding of the resource and management options. Informed decisions by the Client are the result.

Other Services

  • SCUBA Survey
  • Benthic Algae reconnaissance Bathymetric Survey
  • Macrophyte Mapping
  • Fishery Sampling
  • Benthic Chamber In-Situ Testing
  • In-Situ Core Flux Analysis
  • Wetland Ecosystem Consulting

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