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Water Supply Limnology

Water Supply Reservoirs provide an opportunity to improve the quality of water that enters a water treatment plant. Management of the reservoir by Layer Aeration, Hypolimnetic Aeration, Oxygenation, Depth-Selective Flow Routing, Focused Treatments, and other approaches can control raw water quality, improve potable water treatment efficiency, and avoid treatment problems such as:

  • Avoid Taste and Odor Episodes (Geosmin and MIB from benthic and phytoplanktonic algae)
  • Prevent Iron and Manganese from entering the treatment plant in raw water,
  • Reduce Total, Dissolved, and Assimilable Organic Carbon that causes problems with disinfection byproduct formation, enhanced coagulation, and distribution system re-growth.
  • Avoid fluctuations in pH, temperature, carbon dioxide, and buffering capacity which require frequent adjustments to treatment.
  • Avoid excessive filter backwash frequency and GAC substrate changes.

We work closely with Water Utility Professionals to determine what causes treatment problems and how to alleviate those problems by reservoir management in concert with the supply infrastructure. Consulting, Diagnostic and Feasibility Studies, Method Research and Development, Monitoring, Client-Based Monitoring Programs.

Sometimes the solution is very simple and inexpensive, such as using a deeper supply intake to reduce manganese by deep strata flushing.  

Sometimes the solution is the installation of an apparatus that works in concert with natural forces to maintain good raw water quality, with a "return on investment" of several years. Some of our largest reservoir implementation projects have had a ROI of less than 2.5 years. More importantly, consumer complaints decrease substantially.

The best answer will be in the application of sound limnological principles. Nature is our foremost teacher!

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