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During the early 1980s, we were identifying new "naturalistic" approaches to managing Water Supply Reservoirs and Restoring Lakes. We were inventing Flow Routing, Hydrologic Discharge Control Assemblies, Layer Aeration, and new Hypolimnetic Aeration Methods. Finding contractors capable of implementing such techniques on and under water was difficult. It became clear that there was a need for us to participate in the implementation of innovative reservoir and lake management projects. Hence, the Ecological Technologies Division ("EcoTech") of Ecosystem Consulting Service, Inc. was started.

The Ecological Technologies Division provides contracting for small and large scale reservoir and lake management projects. We have developed several innovative technologies for water quality improvement. ECS, Inc. has over 30 years of hands-on experience in accomplishing small and very large scale innovative water resource projects cost-effectively. 

Aeration and Circulation

Hypolimnetic Aeration, Depth-Discrete Layer Aeration, Destratification and Controlled Mixing, Water Supply Front-End Treatment Apparatus.

Flow Routing Structures

Depth-Selective Water Supply Withdrawal Structures, Depth Selective Outflow/Inflow Structures, Reservoir Longitudinal Partitioning.

Off-Grid Technologies

Over the past few years we have developed and implemented Wind-Powered, Solar-Powered, and Hybrid Circulation and Aeration. We have direct drive versions (Off-Grid, No Land-Based Components) and Land-Based versions. 

SCUBA Services

Installation of In-Water Apparatus, Underwater Inspection & Survey, Sample Collection, Recovery, Quantitative Macrophyte and Sediment Surveys, Underwater Repairs, Underwater Photography.

Special Project Implementation Services

Nutrient Inactivation using Alum Surrogates, Zooplankton Introductions to initiate Biomanipulation, and other unique services.

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