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Hypolimnetic Aeration

Hypolimnetic Aeration is most applicable in deep lakes where oxygen loss ascendsto the top of the hypolimnion but does not ascend above the thermocline. Hypolimnetic Aeration is especially useful in lakes and reservoirs in which the iron cycle dominates anaerobic respiration and controls internal phosphorus cycling. It is applicable for coldwater fishery habitat restoration in lakes which stillexhibit a highly aerobic metalimnion. When oxygen loss ascends higher in the water column, and the middle metalimnetic layer becomes anaerobic, hypolimnetic aeration is not recommended because it will not aerate those mid-depth strata.

Hypolimnetic Aerators can be fully submerged all the time, nothing floating on the surface of the lake or reservoir (Partial Lift Aerators). In some cases Full Lift Aerators are more effective, especially where the telescopic design is needed to accomodate wide fluctuations in water level.

"Traditional" Hypolimnetic Aerators take water in at the bottom and return it higher in the water column. DownFlow Hypolimnetic Aerators are also available that transport water in a downward direction; which can help to avoid impacts and can increase bubble contact time and overall efficiency. DownFlow Hypolimnetic Aerators can also be deployed for Oxygenation using pure oxygen with no electrical or mechanical components in the lake or reservoir.

Contrary to some descriptions of stratification and aeration methods, Hypolimnetic Aeration is applicable in many relatively small, shallow waterbodies as well as deep waterbodies. If temperature-density stratification causes oxygen loss impacts at the bottom, then there is enough stratification to make Hypolimnetic or Layer Aeration effective. We have successfully used Hypolimnetic and Layer Aeration in ponds as small as 1/2 acre/10 feet deep, to lakes and reservoirs covering thousands of acres and over 100ft deep.

Ecosystem Consulting Service, Inc. Invented and developed several of these Hypolimnetic Aeration Methods, and is the only professional company that offers all available aeration technologies. Hence, we can provide what will be most cost-effective for your lake or reservoir!

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