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Flow Routing

How water enters, flows through, and exits a lake or reservoir can have a substantial influence over water quality and habitat suitability. What if watershed inputs high in plant nutrients were to plunge to the bottom, below where the nutrients are available to algae? What if water were to flow over the spillway as it naturally does, but to reach the spillway it must be drawn from a deep layer; and the induced flushing rate overcame the oxygen consumption rate? What if the hypolimnion in a part of a lake or reservoir that exhibited very intense oxygen demand (like the transition reach of a reservoir) were isolated and contained by a submerged weir partition? These are all specific examples of Flow Routing Systems; invented, developed, and implemented by Ecosystem Consulting Service, Inc. (US Patent 4,669,914)

Flow Routing Systems

This technology selects the depth to which tributary inflow enters a lake or reservoir, or from which water leaves over the spillway or to a water supply intake. The approach requires no pump or siphon (no power - it is gravity-driven). The method manages depth-discrete flushing rates to prevent oxygen loss, nutrient build-up, and other causes of algae blooms and water quality problems.

For Supply Source Water Reservoirs, retrofit attachments to existing intake structures can improved the depth-selective capability - avoiding the highest algae concentrations, waters with high Iron or Manganese, DBP precursors and other constituents of concern to treatment.

In some Multiple-Reservoir Systems a series of Flow Routing Baffle Partitions can control how water passes through the system in a manner that maintains very good Raw Water Quality. Flow Routing Partitions can contain anaerobic respiration products such as Iron and Manganese "up-reservoir" and allow only the highest quality water to reach Supply Intakes. Flow Routing has been implemented using Submerged Weir Partitions, Surface Baffles, and Retrofit Spillway Outflow Structures. This approach to managing reservoirs and lakes uses only Natural Forces- Gravity and Hydrology - No Power Consumption!

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