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Innovations & Awards


We are Professional Limnologists with many years of research, experimentation, and hands-on experience with a full range of lake restoration technologies. As a company, we continuously strive for better understanding of lake and watershed ecosystems by applying what the scientific community has learned about lakes and reservoirs. Our main goal is to identify restoration and management approaches that work in concert with Nature and then develop cost-effective implementation to "get it done".

Over the years, we have developed new strategies and technologies to solve water quality issues faced by both public and private lakes and reservoirs. For water utilities, we identify relationships between raw water composition and water treatment processes, so raw water quality improvements have a direct benefit for water supply.


We specialize in Applied Limnology, the link between pure research and engineering practice. Our approach to restoring and managing lake-watershed ecosystems and reservoir-treatment plant processing has lead to numerous innovations including:

  • Depth-Selective Flow Routing Techniques driven entirely by natural hydrology and gravity.
  • Invention and Development of Layer Aeration, a process that uses the heat budget of a lake or reservoir and oxygen produced by plants to aerate deep cold strata.
  • DownFlow Oxygenation Systems that require no mechanical or electrical equipment in the water.
  • Iron Cycle Management to perform phosphorus inactivation using a natural coagulant produced by anaerobic respiration of the lake bottom (no added chemicals).
  • Nutrient Allocation Watershed Programs that use a quantitative approach in Excel format.


  • EPA-New England awarded it's "Innovative Technology Award" to Ecosystem Consulting for inventing, developing, and implementing Layer Aeration in Water Supply Reservoirs and Recreational Lakes.
  • Quarternary Transatlantic Award for publication excellence, Institution of Water and Environmental Management, England.
  • Dexter Brackett Publication Award; New England Water Works Association

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